Eco Products

Eco Products

Since 2000, ASUS has dedicated itself to environmental protection and has initiated Green ASUS as its sustainability drive. We have included international regulations and directives such as RoHS, WEEE, EuP regulations as well as standards of various international eco labels into our technical standards. Therefore, the R&D engineer could refer to the technical standards at the product design stage so that the product could meet both requirements of eco label and of the green public procurement.

The followings are eco labels received by our products. Please choose the one you are interested in for more information and the list of the products:

ASUS products meet global environmental regulations, and disclose product environmental information according to ECMA-370 "The Eco Declaration - TED".
TED meets the basic requirements set in ISO 14021. Relevant information can be accessed at
To learn about ASUS IT ECO Declaration Products, please visit ECMA Declaration Product List.

Product Eco Profile

ASUS followed the ISO 14040 standard to evaluate the environmental impacts through life cycle from raw material to recycling and publish product eco profile.