Fostering Talent

Talent is the cornerstone of business success. We believe that if every employee could well demonstrate ASUS DNA, we would be able to achieve the vision of "The world's most admired leading enterprise in a new digital era". Therefore, based on the ASUS DNA, we analyze managerial and professional competencies that are necessary for employees in every level and establish the learning and development system based on these competencies.

ASUS establishes the training roadmaps for different targeted employees, including the required and selective training courses for high-level managers, mid-level managers, entrylevel managers and professional duty employees, as well asl customized courses.

For further information, please refer to ASUS CSR report.


To inspire the creativity of our employees, we hold creative seminors and creativity labs to encourage them coming out with new ideas. ASUS wishes to build an environment that could try out any innovative and vailable idea.

"innokitchen" is a platform for submitting any proposal on non-existing product lines, and at the same time we would be able to discover potential new products and the R&D team through the process. The proposal will be evaluated on the value it could bring to the users, on how to implement the solutions, and on any possible business opportunity. The candidate who pass the first stage will present his or her idea directly to Chairman and CEO, and the finalist will be able to make the idea comes true.