Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

Ethics and integrity have always been the most important core value of ASUS Group corporate culture. We embody the five virtues "humility, integrity, diligence, agility, and courage" to be the social and personal consensus of our people, as well as to meet one of ASUS' business philosophies "Commit to integrity and diligence; focus on fundamentals and results".

ASUS formulates the "Employee Code of Conduct" based on Code of Conduct by Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), and "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies". The "Employee Code of Conduct" covers corruption and bribery, insider trading and other regulations such as intellectual property rights. The online course is mandatory for all employees and is translated into various languages; new employees will complete the course within their first month. Furthermore, promotion and explanation of the Employee Code of Conduct are conducted irregularly to employees to strengthen the ethic of all ASUS employees, hoping that apart from professional skills, employees will also display required ethics. Questions regarding the contents of the code and the legality can be directed to the professional opinions of the legal center. In addition, ASUS formulates "Work Rules" and thus all employees shall abide the service regulations during the terms of their services.

Employee Code of Conduct

ASUS has always engaged in all business activities with honesty and forbids corruption and any form of fraud. With a system of rewards and punishments, we make sure that employees do not accept any form of fraud regarding demand, contract, bribery, or any other improper benefits. Should anyone discover information of potential violation of the "Employee Code of Conduct" of ASUS employees, reporting can be made to ASUS through our public mailbox We will provide protection for the whistleblower from unfair and disrespectful treatment.

In case of violation of the "Employee Code of Conduct", the employee will receive a penalty according to case scenarios and regulations. ASUS severely punishes incidents where regulations are violated, and the case will be reported to judicial units for investigation.
In 2017, the number of incident regarding Human Right is 0.

ASUS annually review the content of "Employee Code of Conduct" to ensure it is in line with our policies and government regulations.
ASUS "Employee Code of Conduct" (F2-030 Rev. 5) is the newest version released in 2017.
All ASUS employees are required to take the "Employee Code of Conduct" training every year.
ASUS did not have any breach of code of conduct during the last fiscal year. If yes, we will announce the case at

Regarding the business partners, ASUS requests them to sign the "Code of Conduct Compliance Declaration". ASUS will take necessary legal actions in accordance with the provisions of the conduct to partners who violate anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy and thus cause damages to the business.

Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Management Standard

ASUS formulates Illegitimate Invasion and Workplace Violence Management Standard(F2-047) and Sexual Harassment Prevention Management Standard (F2-031).
In the event of illegitimate invasion, employee could file a consultation and complaint through workplace violence and sexual harassment prevention hotline: The Company will immediately start the investigation and processing mechanism upon receiving such complaints filed by the employee. The workplace violence and sexual harassment prevention hotline: is a confidential and private reporting channel.