Enhance the Capability of Suppliers

Enhance the Capability of Suppliers

For implementing external communications for building the capacity of suppliers regarding supply chain management requirements, ASUS provides annual training for suppliers on related topics. The trainings will occur in two ways, including:

  • Annual Supplier Workshops
    ASUS provides trainings and educations regarding supply chain management requirements in the annual supplier workshop. The conference was held at Taipei, Kunshan, Dongguan, and Chongqing.
  • Annual Training Through Onsite Audits
    ASUS holds annual onsite CSR audits as one-on-one supplier trainings. By holding meetings with supplier management teams during the onsite audit, ASUS advocates our requirements and concepts of CSR to our suppliers. We wish to deliver the CSR concepts vertically as well as horizontally within the supplier organization.

The topics included:

  • The Definition and Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cases of Violation of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements
  • International Trends of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Norms and Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ASUS Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct and Audit Planning
  • Conflict Minerals Policy and ASUS Requirements on the Annual Survey
  • International Trends on Carbon Reduction and ASUS Requirements on the Annual Survey

Besides the annual supplier workshop, ASUS also establishes a digital platform for external communications, including the Global Supply Chain Management Portal (SCM), and Supplier Relationship Management Portal (SRM) as the channels for conveyance of the supply chain management of ASUS and as the recognition and conformity management of parts and components/finished products.

2017 ASUS Sustainable Supply chain Management workshop

In order to enhance the awareness of suppliers on sustainable issues and the ability to respond to risks, we held 2017 ASUS sustainable supply chain management workshop to convey ASUS management requirements and further deepen the partnership with our supply chain. All key suppliers representatives and ASUS procurement staffs are invited, the workshop is focused on sustainable management such as human rights and conflict minerals, environmental footprint, etc. and sharing experiences.