Supplier Conduct Principles

Supplier Conduct Principles

ASUS expects its suppliers to comply with legal, social standards and environmental protection. In addition to providing high-quality products to consumers, ASUS also regulates the supply chain to comply with environmental, human rights and labor standards in the production process. In supply chain management, we consolidate information and demands such as our global chemical substances management standard, GreenASUS Hazardous Substance Free Technical Standard and Supplier Conduct Principles which are relevant to the suppliers through SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management), the electronic management platform. We use these platforms to ensure important messages and policies can be delivered to the suppliers in a timely manner.

Starting from 2008, we formulate the "Consent of ASUSTeK Code of Conduct" and require our suppliers to sign it.

ASUSTeK code of conduct is consistent with following regulations:

  • ILO eight core conventions: 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 182
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 32
  • Relevant local and national Health & Safety and Labour laws effective in the country of manufacture
  • EICC code of conduct

The numbers of suppliers signed and the completion rate are as below:
In 2008, 92% of the major suppliers sign the consent.
In 2009, all 105 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2010, all 114 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2011, all 164 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2012, all 146 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2013, all 106 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2014, all 169 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.
In 2015, all 175 of new suppliers sign the consent, 100%.

ASUSTeK Code of Conduct Compliance Declaration

ASUSTeK Supply Chain Code of Conduct

To ensure suppliers' performance of CSR, ASUS requests that suppliers sign the "Code of Conduct Compliance Declaration" and also holds regular supplier workshop to convey the concept of CSR. In addition, ASUS conducts CSR onsite and document audits for key and current suppliers to monitor the compliance to the code of conduct annually. The result is evaluated as part of quarterly business review (QBR), and suppliers with good performance will remain as our regular partners.

Besides, ASUS will perform penalty or termination of cooperation to supplier if suppliers seriously violate human rights or labor offences through audits and public information.