SERASUS Policy and Management

Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy (SERASUS Policy)

Comply with regulations and standards to reduce the environmental risk
Treasure natural resources to mitigate the environmental impact
Satisfy the clients'' needs to pursue as a Green Enterprise
Actively take care of our employees to enhance Humanity
Participate together to fulfill social responsibility

SERASUS Committee is committed to the following:

  1. Abide by environmental and labor protection laws, regulations to meet related demands issued by the government, and vouch to support the global environmental protection, labor rights and occupational hazard control.
  2. Educate the entire staff, making them aware that protecting the environment, respecting the dignity of life, conserving limited natural resources, and ensuring occupational health and safety are the responsibilities of everyone.
  3. Decrease resource consumption and at the same time recycle resources.
  4. Enhance the waste handling and monitor it. The responsible unit shall ensure the wastes handling from not being reused nor re-sold in order to safeguard the company and customer''s rights.
  5. Step up measures to monitor and reduce pollutants along with work hazards, in the hope that adverse impacts on the environment and employees will be reduced to the least.
  6. Promote the independence and reliability of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) so as to optimize the quality of occupational hazard control.
  7. Establish an operating system and endow it with the highest authority in the OHSMS, labor rights and environmental protection management system. The operating system should provide clearly defined job descriptions for all tasks to be shared, in order to improve the efficiency in performing these tasks.
  8. Implement health care programs and improve the environment of the workplace to ensure the employees'' mental and physical health.
  9. Openly pledge the company’s commitment in protecting the environment and labor rights and reducing occupational hazards.

GreenASUS Steering Committee & SERASUS Steering Committee

The Chairman of ASUSTeK established GreenASUS Steering Committee in July 2004 and SERASUS (Social and Environmental Responsibility, SER) Steering Committee in July 2006. The Chief Quality Officer (CQO) is the Management Representative authorized by CEO to audit and supervise ASUSTeK Quality Management System, ensuring the quality management and hazardous substances management function properly and effectively, as well as to communicate and assign responsibility when issues arose.

The GreenASUS and SERASUS Steering Committee is held biweekly and chaired by the Management Representative who plans, coordinates, decides on and promotes the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System of ASUSTeK as well as executes the implementations.